About Absolutely Mario

About Absolutely Mario

Mario was working for 18 years in Italian restaurants and finally, his dream came a true when he opened “Absolutely Mario” in Farmingdale.

“Everybody’s asking me how I came up with the name ‘Absolutely Mario’. Through the years in this industry I learned that the customer is always right and the word NO does not exist when you take care of people. So following this rules I never said no for anything, I always said ‘Absolutely’.

Everybody started to call me Absolutely Mario, I said if one day I open my own restaurant the name has got to be Absolutely Mario.

I even have a sign that I always carry in my pocket that reads “Absolutely”. Every body loves it and wants to see it. My goal with this restaurant is that the customer feels like home and a part of the family.

Thanks to every one who made this dream become true and a big success: my wife, my son and family together with my customers ‘Absolutely’”.